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I Am Ocean: Chad Wiggins
From the first moment Chad Wiggins glimpsed through a mask to the tiny fishes feeding at the feet of his unsuspecting parents, he was hooked on learning everything he could about the world beneath the surface of the sea.
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I Am Ocean: Pua Case
Raised by her elders in Waimea on Hawai’i Island, Pua Case knows intimately of the relationship her people shared with the land and the sea and she has devoted her life to reconnecting people with their sacred traditions.
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Hannibal Sea Mount
Brett Kuxhausen
In order to better understand the high biodiversity of underwater mountains or seamounts, researchers explore the Hannibal seamount in Panama with submarines and robotics.
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OMI Programs More About Our Programs

Ocean Media Immersion

Pairing emerging filmmakers, exhibit designers, artists, and interactive developers with ocean scientists in the field to produce strong, innovative visual narratives.

Ocean Media Labs

Workshops that bring together scientists, politicians, ocean advocates, and media-makers to work on targeted transmedia campaigns that promote ocean health, awareness, and policy.

Science-to-Story Seminars

Sessions geared specifically to scientists and science communicators in an effort to engage more effectively with the public, gain trust, and whip the science into a good story.

Oceans Everywhere Initiative

Fostering ocean culture in inland communities via outreach at schools, museums, and community centers.

Ocean Advocacy Resources (OARS)

Comprehensive list of openly available visual and print resources for journalists, filmmakers, and ocean advocates.

Ocean Media Network

Online directory for media-makers to list their skills and organizations to list their needs.

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