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I am Philippines

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Lady Mangrove

Sabang, Palawan

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As a tour operator in Sabang, Palawan, Lady Mangrove (Ira) knows the mangroves like few others. She considers herself a guardian of the area and truly loves the mangroves and all they bring: the fish, the monkeys and lizards, and of course, the tamilok worms. Ira fits into the mangroves like the birds she loves so much.

Follow Ira through an old mangrove forest on the western coast of the island of Palawan and learn about this place she calls her "little paradise."


Turtle Bay, Palawan

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After rescuing a pair of orphaned Asian Small-Clawed Otters, Diana's experience with the mangroves around her home at turtle bay changed dramatically. Through their eyes, Diana has gained a new perspective that can only come from the intense and exhausting exploration of the otters as they grow.

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